Productes del Cinquè Quart, S.A. is a food and agriculture enterprise born in 1996. It is located in one of Catalonia’s most important commercial centres of food industry, as well as one of the main ones in Spain. The company is dedicated to the production, preparation and commercialization of meat sub products, from daily slaughtered animals in Mercabarna abattoir. In 2005, Sabadell abattoir joins the Society and slaughter figures reach 180.000 cattle and 480.000 sheep a year.

The following strong points, jointly with the quality of our final product and its distribution, ensure the complete satisfaction of our Clients:

  • 2.500 m2 of installations, 500 m2 of cold-storage room, 2.000 m3 of freezing room and 150 m3 of freezing tunnel.
  • The use of the most advanced technologies of the sector, with which we obtain a better use of raw material – tripe and offal products.
  •  A team of highly qualified professionals.
  • The achievement of the health and sanitary rules established nowadays by the EU.
  • A traceability system that ensures a strict and detailed knowledge of the product since the animal is born, until the products reaches de final consumer.
  • A large list of sanitary inspections based on the principles of the risks analysis system and on critical points control.
  • The compliance of environmental rules.
  • A privileged geographical location, only 10 km from Barcelona city centre, and the exceptional connection with the main communication ways (national and European road network, TIR terminal, containers’ port, international airport…)

In the same way, our production process must be emphasized: it starts simultaneously in the abattoir, with no possibility of spoiling the temperature of the products, ensuring a perfect preservation throughout the entire production cycle.

In view of the actual demand of the Moslem community, Mercabarna abattoir has obtained the authorisation to slaughter animals through the Islamic rite or Halal, following the indications established by this religion. That is, the animal is positioned to face Mecca and is slaughtered by an authorised by the Islamic Committee person. This kind of slaughter represents a 28% of cattle and 40% of sheep. These percentages are gradually increasing and, at the same time, our row material.

Moreover, the company is member of slaughtered animals control programmes (for instance, Vedella de Girona, Vedella Catalana, Gabricarn, Certicarn, Gourmet, Omega 3) that ensure the quality of the final product. After the serious crisis triggered by the appearance of the mad-cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), these programmes certify that the meat sold under their proceedings does not contain additives or hormones and go for clarity in the origin of the meat, in the animals treatment during their rearing and in the technical, sanitary and analytical controls.

Our products are daily distributed through traditional markets, supermarkets, superstores, refrigerator stores and industries. They are prepared in different formats, with diverse presentation lines, each one individually adapted to the Client’s request.

We also have at our Clients’ disposal a wide stock of frozen product, mainly used for industrial consumption.

We also highlight our parking and ticketing hall, with modern technology, using the “protected atmosphere” process and adapted to new requirements of actual market. This guarantees the quality and the image of our wide range of packed products.

This strong collective effort has allowed Productes del Cinquè Quart, S.A. to be the leader in the tripal and offal sector, not only in Catalonia, but also in Spain.

Professional service and high quality products. They advise you and solve any type of doubt you may have about both the meat (offal) itself and the manufacturing process.
José Manuel Quintana

We have the necessary certifications for the cutting, handling and conservation of any meat product.

Control and follow up

Our traceability system guarantees a strict detailed knowledge of the product from the moment the animal is born to the final consumer.


Our facilities allow a perfect conservation and optimum packaging of meat products.