Veal kidney and liver with spring onion


(for 4 people)
1 kidney of veal
400 g. of liver
6 spring onions
2 small leeks
8 leafs of fresh coriander (or parsley)
1 Ron teaspoonful
2 spoonfuls of white wine
3 spoonfuls of Soya sauce
½ spoonful of cornflour
1 spoonful of butter
Salt and pepper


1. Remove the fat and the sinews of the kidney. Cut the kidney and the liver into slices. Clean the leeks and the spring onions and cut them into 1cm pieces. Clean them with water and dry.

2. Blanch the pieces of kidney and leek and the spring onions in boiling water. Strain.

3. In a salad bowl, mix the cornflour, the Soya sauce, the wine and the rum. Add salt and pepper. Add the pieces of kidney and liver and the vegetables. Mix well.

4. In a frying pen, over a low heat, melt the butter. Then, over a high flame, pour out the content of the salad bowl. Let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes, always stirring.

5. Serve in a previously warmed up tray, sprinkle with coriander or parsley.

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