Tripe in Madrid style


(for 4 people)
1 kg. of veal tripe
1 veal trotter
500 g. of veal snout
1 onion
1 carrot
Grains of pepper
Some twigs of parsley
1 laurel leaf
1 spoon of salt
1 bulb of garlic
For the sauce:
4 spoons of olive oil
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
100 g. of Parma ham
100 g. of chorizo
1 chili
1 spoon of paprika
1 spoon of flour


1. Blanch the clean veal tripe, trotter and snout during 5 minutes. Strain them, refresh them and put them in a stew of cold water. Add the peeled onion and carrot, some pepper grains, the bulb of garlic and salt.

2. Boil it, skim off and let it cook over a low heat during 2 hours.

3. In the meantime, prepare the sauce: cut the ham in cubes and the chorizo in slices. Heat the oil in a casserole and fry the onion until golden brown. Add the chilli, the ham and the chorizo, stir and let it cook over a gentle flame during 5 minutes.

4. Sprinkle with paprika and flour; add half a litre from the tripe cooking.

5. Cut the tripe from the stew in the same size, after removing bones and cartilages from the trotters. Add all the meat to the casserole and add salt, if necessary.

6. Let the casserole in the oven (175º) during 45 minutes. Add a ladle of water if necessary. Serve hot.

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