Scrambled eggs with kidneys


(for 4 people)
5 eggs
500 g. of kidneys
2 rashers of smoked streaky bacon
2 cloves of garlic
1 glass of white wine
Olive oil
Salt and black pepper


1. Mince the streaky bacon and turn it golden on a frying pen with a bit of oil. Take it out and keep hot. On the same pen, turn the cloves of garlic brown and take them out.

2. Under the tap, clean well the kidneys and cut them into regular pieces. Flour them and sauté them on the pen, adding more oil if necessary. Add the streaky bacon and the white wine; let it evaporate.

3. Beat the eggs, add salt, pepper and grated nutmeg. Add it to the frying pen with the kidneys, mix and cook until the eggs are curdled, stirring constantly.

You can leave the kidneys to soak in salt water for a ½ hour. Then, take them off and cut into desired pieces.

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