Liver in Venice style


(for 4 people)
700 g. of veal liver steaks
2 big onions
7 spoonfuls of olive oil
1 spoonful of balmy vinegar from Modena
1 stream of white wine
1 teaspoonful of chopped parsley
1 cup of flour


1. Peel the onions and cut them into thin rings. Clean them in water. Dry with a clean tea towel. Strain.

2. Slightly flour the liver and fry it on both sides on a frying pen with 3 spoonfuls of oil. Took away and reserve. Throw up the oil from the pen.

3. Warm up the other 4 spoonfuls of olive oil on the frying pen and add the onion. Toss it in oil over a very low flame during 10 minutes (avoid turning it golden) and add the vinegar and the wine. Cook during 5 more minutes.

4. Add the liver again, add salt and pepper, put the lid on and cook during 5 more minutes, according to the desired cooking point. Sprinkle with parsley before serving.

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